thought since it’s been like a year since i shared anything about the book i’m writing, i should update y’all and give you a little preview on what i’ve been working so intensely on for the last year. so here it is, for those who don’t remember the whole Smith/Wynter premise it’s basically about finding soulmates and learning that sometimes life has other things planned for you. read and give your input or don’t, it’s up to you, but i’m always willing to listen. enjoy guys, and i’m posting a link to the first excerpt i ever did from this book for a refresher/crash course into who these people really are.



Smith on Wynter:

People’s hearts were trophies, and Wynter was shown early on that she had nothing to lose if she didn’t invest anything, she just had a trophy to gain for her repertoire and bookshelf lined with the stories of the many men who had thought that they could win her but ended up destroying only themselves and rueing the day they even looked Wyn’s way, and what about you? The question left my mouth before I could stop it, and Wyn chuckled in response, “what about me? I bet nothing and they went all in knowing that I would destroy them. They chose to enter in a very unfair match, and while I can’t deny that it never ceases to amuse me to watch them lose, I am not responsible for their initial decision to enter.”


PS- Sorry this preview is so short, I just don’t wanna give too much away.